Pet Healthy Family™ is a privately owned Dallas, TX based company that develops, manufactures and distributes companion pet products that are healthy for pets, safe for the environment and easy to use. Our mission is to tackle the most important wellness, safety and lifestyle issues facing pet owners and their pets, and to develop the new cutting-edge products that will solve these problems. As a result, their lives together will be simpler, healthier and much more fulfilling.

Our products:

  • Assist with important pet health issues that will improve the pet’s quality of life and help prolong the pet’s life
  • Gain quick, enthusiastic acceptance by pets
  • Help keep the planet safe with our natural, planet-friendly, proprietary formulas
  • Provide great value for pet owners

Tens of thousands of pet owners swear by the Pet Healthy Family brand, and it’s easy to see why. Our products help keep pets healthy. They also make it easier to own a pet by eliminate much of the hassle and worry that pet owners face.

kittykaviar logo
In March 2015 Pet Healthy Family™ acquired the 21-year-old brand, Kitty Kaviar™. Since 1995, Kitty Kaviar has been the #1 treat preferred by cats – even the most finicky eaters. Its robust aroma and great taste are irresistible to cats.

This 100% natural, high protein, premium gourmet treat is a safe, high-quality treat you can feel good about giving to your cat. It’s high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin; and it contains taurine, an essential amino acids cats need to stay healthy. Kitty Kaviar contains 100% natural shaved bonito fish, with no additives or preservatives. This high protein treat is also a great choice for weight management, for cats with diabetes, and for cats who have lost their appetites.

perfect litter
Pet Healthy Family™ holds the exclusive patent to Perfect Litter™, a 10-year-old brand and the only wellness monitoring litter in the industry. Perfect Litter detects imbalances in pH to warn cat owners at the earliest sign of urinary tract infections. Perfect Litter monitors your cat’s health 24.7.

Winner of four national awards for innovation and excellence, Perfect Litter’s patented ingredients make it the lightest weight litter on the market. This clumping litter provides best in class odor elimination with microbial odor control. It contains the naturally occurring minerals vermiculite and perlite, and patented microorganisms that contain good bacteria to naturally eliminate odor.

Pet Healthy Family’s parent company is Quality Logistics Systems (QLS), a leader in full-service specialized logistics, fulfillment and distribution. QLS maintains three logistics locations nationwide in Dallas, TX, and Meridian, MS, with more than 740,000 square feet of warehouse space. These warehouses offer efficient, cost-effective shipping of our products to locations nationwide. Currently, QLS ships more than 22 million cases of products per year.