Our Story

Our Story


Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC. (PHH) was formed in 2013 for the purpose of acquiring two of the key products presently comprising the nine (9) product Pet Healthy Family™. Perfect Litter™, which has won four national awards for innovation and excellence, still boasts thousands of loyal cat owner customers dating back to 2004, albeit it has always been in very limited production. K-9 Fat Free Treats™ were actually created in 2005, but never saw meaningful distribution until earlier this year. On July 1, 2013, the PHH senior management team implemented a 5-year, 4-stage strategic business plan, which only recently entered Stage 3. Stages 1 & 2 have been devoted to expanding the Pet Healthy Family product line, creating consumer brand recognition of the brand and implementing a best-in-class manufacturing quality control process. Stage 3 will see the company begin to introduce its full product line within various distribution channels both domestically and internationally.


At the core of the company’s strategic plan is the quest to develop, manufacture and bring- to-market consumable pet products, each with one or more key points of differentiation, all pet healthy, planet safe and people friendly. Our target market is pet owners who purchase only the best, healthiest products for their dogs and cats, who are treated as members of the family.


A core value of PHH management is a desire to not gauge our success solely on sales and profits; rather, focus on making a difference in the health of cats and dogs, enabling a longer life span and a happier pet owner. We are also committed to finding homes for sheltered dogs and cats through our recently launched Caring & Sharing 4-Pets™ program.

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