• Only litter that can help save a cat’s life
  • Early detection of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Lightest litter on the market
  • Dust free clumping litter
  • Reduces tracking
  • Best in class odor control
  • A 4-lb bag lasts 1 month (for a single cat)
  • Flushable

  • Where To Buy

Perfect Litter Lite is the same great litter without the Wellness Monitor.

Perfect Litter is the only cat litter that allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat 24/7 and provides early warning for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). FLUTD is the number one feline insurance claim as reported by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. Perfect Litter begins to change color to a light pink when introduced to feline urine with a pH > 7.3. The higher the pH, the darker the red becomes. A high pH can be caused by FLUTD; or may be an indication that the Feline is prone to FLUTD.

Perfect Litter absorbs 4 times as much liquid as clay. It also lasts longer, up to 4-6 weeks for one cat. A 4-pound box is the equivalent to 28-pounds of clay litter.

Perfect Litter’s premium clumping action traps liquid on contact and destroys bacteria. It doesn’t just masks odor. The superior odor control ensures your cat remains faithful to the box, your guests won’t detect “eau de toilet” and cleaning the facilities is quick and easy.

Winner of four national awards for innovation and excellence

Award-Store Brands    Award-SPCA       Award-Editors Choice       Award-Cat Fancy