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  • Our Story


Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC. (PHH) was formed in 2013 for the purpose of acquiring two of the key products presently comprising the ten (10) products marketed under the Pet Healthy Family™ brand. At the top of the list was Perfect Litter™, a winner of four national awards for innovation and excellence; and the second product was K-9 Fat Free Treats™, created and first manufactured in 2005 by one of today’s national leaders in pet food manufacturing. Neither saw any meaningful national distribution until 2015 when Perfect Litter rose from page 655 on Amazon.com in August of 2014 to page ONE (1) on Amazon, #3 of all cat litters, within 7 months; and K9 Fat Free Treats went from page 879 on Amazon.com to become, within 75 days of introduction, one of fastest selling brands (out of over 22,000 dog treat products), garnering 90%+ 4&5 star-consumer reviews. On July 1, 2014, the PHH senior management team implemented an ambitious 5-year, 4-stage strategic business plan: stages 1 & 2 have been devoted to expanding the Pet Healthy Family product line, creating consumer brand recognition of the brand and implementing a best-in-class manufacturing quality control process. Three years to the day later, July 1 of 2107, we are entering the 3rd stage of this 5-year plan as we begin to introduce our 31 SKU product line within various regional and national retail distribution channels both domestically and internationally.

On December 30, 2016, the PHH management team acquired the company from its non-pet industry investment partners.

Our Products

  • Cats have a lot of time on their paws....it's confusing, often conflicting yet always joyful when they have to make a choice between their favorite two treats

  • Today, the Pet Healthy Family boasts ten (10) premium consumable products for dogs and cats...and over thirty (30) SKU's. We're continuing to grow, one happy dog and cat at a time.

  • Perfect Litter

    Perfect Litter

    • Winner of four (4) national awards for innovation and excellence
    • features patented ingredients that make it not only the lightest weight litter on the market: the only cat litter that can save a cat’s life


    • Best-in-class odor control; naturally eliminates bacteria that causes urine odor
    • 4x more absorbent than clay
    • Clumps, the size of a quarter, permit easy scooping & disposal
    • Tracking typically confined to area directly around litter box, for easy clean-up


    • Can save costly Veterinarian bills via early detection of feline maladies
    • Ease of use: 1-month supply weighs 4 lbs. versus 28 lbs. for clay
    • Odor free home
    • Low dust
    • All natural, safe for the environment
  • Perfect Litter Lite

    Perfect Litter Lite

    • A new entry into the crowded cat litter market targeting environmentally conscious cat owners seeking ease of use, superior odor control and great value.


    • The lightest weight clumping cat litter on the world market, with microbial odor control of any cat litter impregnated into the litter.


    • A pet waste odor-free home environment, ease of use, safe for pets and humans and an excellent value. (4 lbs. last 4-5 weeks, 1 cat)
  • Kitty Kaviar

    Kitty Kaviar

    • Since 1995, prominent brand among all cat treats in marketplace
    • 90%+ 5-star (highest) customer reviews (www.amazon.com) 95% of all cat’s LOVE IT, a statistical anomaly, given finicky nature of felines


    • 75% all protein, providing a healthy compliment to a cat’s daily diet
    • low calorie, 100% natural, high in taurine
    • contains 100% natural shaved bonito fish flakes – with no additives, preservatives or by-products.


    • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which benefits pet’s health
    • Addresses feline obesity, a major, growing health issue
    • Passes stringent FDA standards, making it one of the safest pet treats on the market
  • Kitty Krak

    Kitty Krak

    A sister product to Kitty Kaviar, Kitty Krak is a pellet sized treat, incredibly enticing in smell and taste to every feline. A welcomed addition to an existing meal plan or as a reward for good behavior.


    • Delicious high-protein treat with a smell/that will make every cat beg for more
    • Made from 100% natural bonito fish with no additives
    • Size ideal for feline pallet, can accommodate treat dispensing device or can be fed by hand.


    • 78% Pure Protein which every feline requires in their daily food intake.
    • High in Omega-3 and Taurine: promotes healthy coat, boosts immune system, decreases inflammation
    • No additives, preservatives or by-products
  • K9 Krak

    K9 Krak

    Introducing K9 Krak, a 100% Bonito Fish jerky treat that is not only pet healthy by delivering 75%+ protein plus taurine and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, it is fast becoming as powerfully addictive to the canine palate as is Kitty Krak to the feline taste buds.


    • 75% Protein, pure fish, no additives or fillers
    • Source of Taurine and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    • Jerky strip that tastes and smells great
    • Low in calories


    • Provides essential daily Protein intake
    • a nutritious reward for a job well done
    • Guilt Free treat as alternative to less healthy treats
  • K9 Fat Free Treats Chicken Flavor

    K9 Fat Free Treats Chicken Flavor

    A delicious, healthy treat that receives rave reviews from dogs and their owners: 95% Dog Owner 5-Star (highest) Reviews (www.amazon.com)


    • Totally Fat free: the only dog treat of its kind in the market
    • 2 Calories per treat
    • GREAT VALUE: 300 treats p/8 oz. package
    • 150 treats p/4 oz. package
    • Cholesterol & Sodium free. Dogs of all sizes love the taste; and really love the crunch.


    • Dental health and fresh breath
    • delicious weight-control or effective training treat
    • Crunchy texture and meaty taste that dogs love, without all the fat and empty calories.
  • Nada Scent Litter Box

    Nada Scent Litter Box

    • Pet generated odor, almost all of which is caused by bacteria, is a nuisance for all pet owners
    • until now, pet odor products contained potentially harmful chemicals and enzymes and provide temporary odor reduction.
    • #1 pet odor eliminator in Europe is now available in U.S.


    • Highly concentrated microorganisms attack and consume the food source of  the “bad” bacteria causing litter box malodor
    • easy to apply
    • GREAT VALUE: 2-3 sprays in litter box lasts several days
    • solutions for all pet odor issues, inside the litter box or any area of the home


    • Safe if consumed by pets, children or adults
    • Long lasting: 2-3 sprays in litter box or on recently deposited urine anywhere can last several days
    • Non-toxic, organic, biodegradable
  • apPETizer


    Sprinkle-on healthy food enhancer is ideal to stimulate a pet’s appetite or to enhance any meal.


    • Made from finely ground 100% natural bonito fish flakes, with a smell/taste that every cat and dog LOVES
    • perfect solution as a food topper, for pets that have lost their appetite, dogs or cats who need a little extra encouragement to eat or simply dogs or cats that would benefit from added protein
    • dogs and cats love the smell & acceptance is guaranteed


    • 75% Protein which every dog/cat requires in their daily food intake
    • High in Omega-3 and Taurine: promotes healthy coat, boosts immune system, decreases inflammation
    • No additives, preservatives or by-products
    • Ease of use

Where to Buy

      Caring & Sharing

      • It is estimated there are close to 70 million stray cats and dogs in the U.S.

      • We believe every sheltered pet deserves a treat every day. Do you?

      Donated Treats


      Click & Feed

      Every Sheltered Pet Deserves a Treat

      Each year, 7.6 million companion pets enter 13,600 animal shelters throughout the U.S. Of those, almost 3 million are euthanized because the shelter cannot feed and house these pets awaiting adoption. Approximately 2.7 million sheltered pets are adopted each year, equally split between cats and dogs.

      Pet ownership in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Today, approximately half of all households own a cat and/or a dog, which by the latest count totaled 71 million dogs and 91 million cats[ Source: AAPA] According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 40% of pet owners learned about their pet through word of mouth. Less than a third of all pets are adopted from shelters and rescues.

      It the aforementioned facts and our love of dogs and cats that have driven us to create the Caring & Sharing initiative. Our sole goal is to create awareness of the plight of sheltered animals, which we believe will stimulate interest in adopting a cat, dog or both from a local shelter. As we manufacture two of the best treats on the market for cats and dogs…Kitty Kaviar™ and K9 Fat Free Treats™…..we thought that providing these treats to thousands of animal shelters would be viewed as a somewhat unusual donation…..so unusual, our Click & Feed A Treat icons it would attract tens of thousands of pet owners who will welcome the opportunity to become a small but critical part of our noble cause.

      Every time a pet owner purchases one of the Pet Healthy Family products, we donate 6 treats to an animal shelter; and every time you click on a CLICK & FEED icon, we donate treats to an animal shelter.

      Would you be kind enough to join us by clicking and feeding a dog and cat a treat today???


      Ever thought about a career in the Pet Industry?

      Did you know that the pet industry, in the U.S. alone, is a $60 billion market, headed to $75 billion? It’s an industry that is highly competitive, but with untold opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. Although currently a small player, we’re experiencing rapid growth and on a mission to identify folks to join our team! At our core, we are a marketing-driven company with a focus on building brand equity into each new and unique pet product we develop and distribute. Thus, we are always looking for marketing talent, folks that have at the least an undergraduate degree in marketing or will soon earn one; and a background/keen interest in brand management, marketing communications and social media advertising/marketing. An advertising degree is also attractive to us. We’re always looking for a great graphic artist. We’re big on strong customer support….do you have customer sales and support background?

      So, as you can see, we have lots of career opportunities. Are you a good fit for our culture? You are, if you:

      • Have excellent communication skills
      • Possess a strong work ethic
      • Can be depended on to meet deadlines and present quality work
      • Can flourish without a lot of hand holding and micro management
      • Have a good sense of humor
      • Would like to join a team of like-minded folks
      • Have, had or would like to own a pet (someday)

      If you like what you have read here; heard about us from others or learned through your own research, we’d love to hear from you! There’s no time like the present!!

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